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The Sex Therapist

Bad Girls in this gallery: Sequoia Red, Xana StarMore from the site Milflessons

Dax and Xana are a young couple that after having their first child, their sex life has taken a dive. So they have decided to take their problems to a Milf expert….a Sex Therapist. She is quick to point out that the best way to bring life back to their sex life is to spice it up. She first recommends stripping for her man. (and the sex therapist even shows her how to do it) But it doesn’t all fall on the woman, she also teaches the man how to eat his wife pussy so she will be nice and wet before he starts fucking her. This gets the couple so hot they just start fucking in front of the therapist. (make sure to notice how the therapist is playing with herself in the background) Enjoy the update, we sure did.

Watch the FREE video!
Watch the FREE video!
Bad Girls in this Gallery:
Sequoia Red
Xana Star