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Dolly By The Bus Stop

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Hey whats up. I was chillen with my homeboy Jarrod this week and we were cruising down the hood down in Miami. He told me that there was this fine ass black girl we were gonna meet up with and he was going to fuck. But along the way we realized that Jarrod was going the wrong direction and we were lost. So since we couldn't hook up with her we were gonna just go get some call girls and call it a day. Thats when I spotted this Busty babe hanging out at the bus stop. We stopped to go meet up with her and see if she needed a ride. It turned out we had met before at some club and she wanted to fuck Jarrod, but Jarrod didn't take her home because he was already with another girl and didn't feel like doing a manajatua. Her name was Dolly and she was smoking. We talked her into giving us a second chance and got her on the bang SUV. Before long she was showing me her large tits and squeezing them for me. We couldn't wait to take her home and fuck the shit out of her.

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Watch the FREE video!
Bad Girls in this Gallery:
Dolly Kumar